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Services Summary

Dakota Consulting has been providing management consulting services to government contracting organizations and the health care industry for over twenty years. Consulting services include:

  • Proposal Writing ~ Writing technical proposals of superior quality aimed at the highest possible technical score.

  • Proposal Management ~ Managing the entire technical proposal development to ensure compliance with requirements, timely submission, high quality draft for early review, easy production of hard copy proposal, and full understanding of implementation requirements upon contract award.

  • Contract Implementation ~ Initiating the implementation activities, typically on short notice, to ensure timely implementation of contract and excellent customer relations during implementation phase.

  • Program Management ~ Managing existing programs on a short term basis during periods of management vacancies while recruitment is taking place.

  • Proposal Training ~ Training in-house staff on the "art" of technical proposal management and writing.

Dakota Consulting is a sole practitioner consulting firm. All consulting services are provided by Sue O'Donnell who has over thirty years direct and consulting experience in the government and health care industries. When additional consultants are required for projects, Dakota Consulting can arrange for services to be provided by supplemental independent consultants that have equal experience and qualifications.